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Golf Torrequebrada is a must-play course for golf fanatics. The breathtaking Mediterranean Sea and mountain scenery create a unique atmosphere for the park-like golf course, which is characterised by interesting greens and short distances between fairways.

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Golfers who played in Costa del Sol in the 1980s and ‘90s remember Golf Torrequebrada as the pearl of Costa del Sol. Some may even recall the strict golf course marshal, who is rumoured to have kept a keen eye on the playing speed, intimidating the players. The course is still remembered, above all, as the stage for the European Tour and the number one golf course in the area where the legendary golfer Seve Ballesteros has played and won.

In the club house, photos of Seve and other international stars that have visited the golf course serve as a reminder of the course’s rich history. Although the course no longer meets the criteria for a championship golf course due to, among other things, its length, it has retained its charm and is a must-play course for any golf enthusiast. The condition of the course and the quality of its greens surpass those of many other golf courses in Costa del Sol, but there are also other reasons for its superiority. 

The first is the breathtaking views that open up from the restaurant to the Mediterranean Sea and the 18th hole. The landscape creates a sense of having entered a protected golf paradise in the densely built tourist hub of Benalmadena. And that feeling continues throughout the course. 

Lush trees frame the course and insulate it from the sounds of the surrounding residential areas while at the same time separating the fairways, each of which has a character all its own. The course’s verdant nature is very close, creating a special atmosphere and lending a serene quality to the game. It is only on one fairway, close to the shoreline, that we are reminded that we are in Costa del Sol. 

Interesting greens

The views are impressive. The fairways opening to the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains tempt the visualist to dig out their camera several times during their round of golf. Remember to turn your gaze in the opposite direction of the fairway every now and then, as the views are spectacular in many directions.

The golf course has a functional layout, and every fairway is different and recognisable. The teeing areas are clearly defined and a good size, although not always easy due to the narrow fairways. Long hitters should choose their driver carefully when hitting from the tee.

The large greens open up nicely for approach shots, although some of the greens are elevated. The elevations are moderate, however, and the location of the flags is visible on just about every green. The greens are surrounded by beautifully shaped bunkers, which are a pleasure to hit out of, thanks to their consistent quality. 

The greens can be described as interesting, and reading them requires good skills. The shape and slope of the surrounding terrain may confuse a player’s spatial awareness, and large breaks may come as a surprise. The good condition of the greens and their speed or how slippery they are make the inclines even more challenging. A good putter can, however, end up with a great score, since the greens are in fantastic condition year-round, and putts stay on line and keep their speed.


The course’s verdant nature is very close, creating a special atmosphere and lending
a serene quality to the game.

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A compact package

Torrequebrada’s greens are not the only part of the course that is in top-top shape: in the best seasons, the fairways are like velvet, some even all year long. The fairways are kept tidy and the grass short. A ball that ends up in the rough is more often than not still playable. Areas outside the fairways are well-kept, and balls are easy to find.

Golf Torrequebrada has been built in a compact area, and the transition from hole to hole is short. The course is quick to play, albeit slow during peak hours, due to the course’s popularity and high number of players. Most courses in the area likely face the same problem. It also worth mentioning that Golf Torrequebrada can be played on foot or with buggy hire.

All in all, playing at the Torrequebrada golf course is an experience that will keep you coming back for more. It offers the opportunity to enjoy a round of golf to a concert of parakeet, little egrets and several other birds that frequent the course. It is sure to put a smile on your face, even if the game doesn’t go as you had hoped.

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